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Firm Profile

Our Typical Client Profile

Our clients typically come from a broad background of professionals or business owners. They tend to have a formal or technical education, an appreciation for planning and have high standards for responsive client service. Most are currently in the accumulation or early retirement phase of their life cycle and looking for long term growth or enhanced income investment strategies. Our clients will generally have an aggregate portfolio in excess of $1 million.


Our Client Process

The process starts with an informal meeting to introduce and provide a basic overview of the firm. During this meeting, a high level overview discussion of the prospective client's goals & situation takes place, as well as an opportunity to discuss general thoughts and ideas from a wealth management perspective. If it is mutually agreed to move forward, expectations will be established with time frames and fees specifically outlined. After a series of meetings, a developed plan which meets the client's expectations, emerges and shifts the prospective client to an active client of CRFG. Lastly, the client enters the CRFG ongoing wealth management program by signing an investment management agreement and an investment policy statement.