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Investment Strategies

"What are the consequences if I am wrong?"

"No investment question can be rationally arrived at unless they are based upon the answer to this question."

—Peter L. Bernstein 1919-2009


The core of our team approach to Investment Strategy Management is to integrate the efforts, collaboration and expertise of diverse world class money managers. These managers support the development of asset models that reflect the individual client goals and objectives while mitigating risk. While no single approach to asset modeling is right for all market environments, the Six - Step investment process provides a structured approach to investment decision-making that keeps long-term goals in focus and puts short-term market volatility into context. CRFG makes communication a top priority for our clients at each step of this process.


CRFG Six – Step Investment Process

  1. Discovery: understand needs, goals & risk tolerance
  2. Market Outlook: understanding secular markets cycles as they apply to investment strategies
  3. Portfolio Construction: five distinct approaches to asset allocation, see expanded below
  4. Portfolio Strategist Selection: diversify not only across asset classes and asset allocation, but across institutional-quality Portfolio Strategists as well
  5. Rebalance & Reallocate: reset to a target mix, to make short-term shifts or reduce risk
  6. Reporting & Monitoring: an integral part of our client communication strategy using quarterly reports delivered in print and/or electronic format and ongoing face to face meetings for discussion and review portfolio adjustments


Capital Region Financial Group constructs a tailored portfolio for clients utilizing five asset allocation approaches to create truly sophisticated solutions which will help meet your financial goals and objectives.

  1. Strategic Allocation
    A Strategic Asset Allocation approach creates a mix of equities, fixed income, and cash designed to capture broad capital market returns while balancing risk and volatility.
  2. Constrained Allocation
    Constrained Allocation approaches attempt to capture broad market returns while also seeking to take advantage of shorter term opportunities or mitigate risks through moderate allocation shifts.
  3. Unconstrained Allocation
    Unconstrained Allocation approaches remove the limits on the extent and frequency of allocation shifts, allowing the portfolio strategist to move more aggressively in response to changes in their outlook.
  4. Absolute Return Allocation
    Absolute return strategies are for risk-averse investors comfortable with modest returns in exchange for highly active risk management that may include frequent allocation shifts, non-traditional asset classes and/or alternative strategies.
  5. Hedge Strategy Allocation
    State of the art alternative strategies and investments to create portfolios designed to generate income and manage risk.